Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
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Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt


FAQs are important to read to find out all you can about this service

Why choose cosmetic surgery in Egypt?

Cairo is the Hollywood of the Middle East with an extensive film and entertainment industryDr Heba is at the top of the medical profession that service that industry. She specialist trained and registered in plastic and reconstructive surgery,with extensive experience, at home and abroad, with an eminent academic faculty positions in Ain Shams University in Cairo. Dr. Heba practices in El Gouna Hospital near Hurghada so clients can not only take advantage of quality cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt but also enjoy recuperating in luxurious surroundings by the sea with personal care from clinic, hospital and hotel staff.

How can this service be so cheap and be so good?

RS Cosmetic Clinic is a virtual clinic, so we do not have extensive overheads. We use well established medical facilities where we only have to pay for services used. We do not advertise in the "glossy's" but rely on word of mouth rather than expensive advertising to attract genuine customers.

What is the advantage of using the RS Cosmetic Clinic?

The staff of the RS Cosmetic Clinic, are dedicated to providing a good service, and pride themselves on their use of a client audit tool, and patient feedback that leads to a completely patient focused service.

Is it safe to undertake an operation in our hospitals and clinics in Cairo?

The hospitals used are all, of the highest standard. The hospitals are all carefully selected, and conform to international standards of cleanliness and hygiene, health and safety, as well as those of technical expertise. All the hospitals used are fully equipped, tertiary care facilities, which means if extra care is needed or you need more care than normal, all equipment and technically able personnel are present on site at all times.

What do the qualifications mean?

A doctorate degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery means they practice plastic and cosmetic surgery, and are registered as specialists with the Ministry of Health. This is the same as the American system and is equivalent to a Consultant, who is a university faculty staff member, with his name on the specialist register. Being faculty staff at the University they have responsibilities to teach and therefore have greater responsibility and the best opportunity to keep up with the latest advancements and technologies.

What if I would like more than one procedure?

I would suggest that going abroad for a limited one or two, week trip is not really appropriate for the extreme makeover scenario. However two or three procedures can be done safely at the same time in these circumstances depending on what combination you would like and how long you are able to stay.

May I do some sightseeing while in Egypt?

The main focus of the trip must be the post-operative course including plenty of rest and recuperation. However as the clinic like you to stay close by for 7 to 14 days depending on the type of surgery you have, you should start to feel more energetic so your activity levels should increase. Initially the facilities in your hotel are most important, in a country where the sun shines all day it is best to find a shady spot by the pool and take full advantage of the attendants and waiters, and allow the local coordinator to make sure you are able to access all services you need.Being a tourist area friends are easily made, as everyone is eager and happy to meet new people. As your stamina and vitality returns we encourage more energetic activities such as sightseeing and shopping in order to gradually mobilise ready to return home and to work. As everyone's progress will vary it may be wise to arrange trips once you are there after surgery, when you are feeling better.

What about the follow-up?

It is recommended you have a good length of post operative stay in Cairo in order that in the unlikely event that you do experience post operative problems they can be rectified before returning home. If you are one of the extremely unlucky and rare people that experience problems after you return home it may only need some small intervention from your GP or reassurance from an experienced health professional, such as your GP clinic nurse. A GP letter is given to you before you leave to make sure your GP is fully aware of what surgery you had and what medications were given. If however, in the extremely unlikely event further surgical intervention is required, this can be arranged in Cairo.

How long do I need to stay in Cairo?

For small procedures like otoplasty, blepharoplasty or breast augmentation it is advised you stay at least 10 days. For more involved cases such as breast reduction and abdominoplasty it is advised at least 14 days. However most package tours are for 14 days and this is generally good value.

How much time do I need off work?

For small procedures 7 to 10 days would be sufficient but for more extensive or multiple procedures you would need 2 weeks. For the first 4 to 8 weeks you should be careful what duties you attempt, so if you have a physical job more time off work may be required. Avoid heavy lifting, lots of bending down and sporting activity.

How long will it take me to recover?

For most surgical procedures you should recover enough in the first 2 weeks to return to work. For the first 4 to 8 weeks you will still feel somewhat delicate and should avoid strenuous activities. After this time you should be able to continue with normal activities including all sporting activities. Complete healing of the tissues takes between 6 to 12 months depending on the surgery you undergo. This should be remembered when evaluating the end result after surgery.

Who is responsible for travel arrangements?

It is best if the clinic arrange the travel arrangements as they know which hotels are near to the medical facilities and which are used to taking care of cosmetic surgery patients. Also the local coordinator and medical staff know where to visit keeping clients in close proximity. If you would like to arrange this yourself, clinic staff have no responsibility to help you and you may find that extra costs for transfers and post op visits maybe incurred.

What about Travel precautions such as vaccinations?

Yes, although travel insurance won't cover anything to do with the surgery it does cover all other aspects of travel such as delayed or cancelled flights, lost or stolen luggage.

What about Travel precautions such as vaccinations?

When travelling to any foreign country you should always check with your GP about what health precautions and vaccinations are required. For travel to Egypt it is recommended that you have typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations. Malaria prophylaxis is not required. Other health precautions relate mainly to food hygiene and sun exposure. Always eat hot food hot and cold food cold, avoid buffets and food with cream, mayonnaise and raw eggs. Take light long sleeved tops for wearing in the heat of the day, wear a hat if walking in the sun, use high factor sun block and sit in the shade in the middle of the day. Drink plenty of clear fluids, including plenty of water, and avoid too much alcohol (this may be contraindicated if you are taking medications, such as certain antibiotics). Avoid fresh juices especially if served by less than 5-star vendors. Hot drinks and those from closed bottles such as sodas and juices are all fine.

Should I take anyone with me?

It is always wise to take a friend or relative, not only for some moral support but to enjoy your recuperation period with, whether this is just relaxing and chilling out or as you feel better taking in some of the cultural history Egypt has to offer. If you have more than one procedure especially if you have such procedures as abdominoplasty or facelift immediately post op you may feel quite down so a friend would be invaluable. Also most package holidays quote on two sharing. However if you prefer travelling alone this is fine too. The clinic staff will check up on you routinely and give you a 24/7telephone number you can call if you need anything and give you a bit more support if necessary.

What are the financial arrangements?

The clinic does require full payment before surgery. A deposit is requested as soon as you book a place with the remainder being payable before surgery. The deposit can be made by cheque, BACS payment, money transfer. or by credit card payments through paypal (but this method does incur a 3% service charge). If you want to pay the remainder before travel so you are not carrying a lot of cash about it can be paid the same way but must be paid at least a month before travel. If you want to pay at the time of the consultation then cash must be taken to the clinic, if this is not available after consultation surgery may need to be postponed where rescheduling maybe difficult.
Payment for the travel package follows the same schedule for the deposit but the remainder is expected 8 weeks before travel.

Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt