Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
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Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt



Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt makes perfect sense., not only are flights and package holidays absolute bargains and the weather is good all year round, being close to Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a warm to hot dry climate Egypt is an ideal destination to rejuvenate and recuperate, whatever the time of year. The cost of living in Egypt is much lower than most countries especially European countries so prices of everything mirror this difference, and you can really enjoy the good life.


Dr. Heba is an experienced cosmetic surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon so is right up to date with the latest cosmetic surgical and non surgical techniques such as minimally invasive mid face and brow surgery using endoscopic access. Fat transfers, filler and or botox techniques for younger people who don't need full facial surgery. She also combines fat transfers and liposuction with surgery for contouring the face and body.


  • Inclusive package.
  • Highly trained and experienced medical and nursing staff.
  • Local coordinators that are with you every step of the way.
  • Prompt and Informative Correspondence.
  • Egypt is just a short flight from Europe and it's Arab and Africanneighbours so avoids the complications associated with long haul flights. Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
  • Full medical assessment to avoid medical problems related to surgery, with DVT assessment tool and prophylaxis schedule, to avoid DVT related to travel.
  • Travel precautions and vaccination details.


Why not book through us a lovely holiday with family or friends and taste the aspects of Egypt that attract s you the most, whether it is the history and wonder of anciant civilisations or the pure decadence of relaxing in complete luxury in a specially designed and specifically planned resort such as El Gouna.. You can enjoy a great time with your friends or family,have a free consultation (when you book your holiday with us), and check out the facilities. Prices of holidays are as competitive as the prices of surgery.


For those of you who are worried about going for cosmetic surgery abroad, nervous about the unknown, periodic escorted trips are available, where an experienced UK trained nurse escort is arranged to escort you through your experience in hospital and while you need help during those first few days after surgery. The escort would stay with you for your admission, surgery and immediate post operative period. This is ideal if you plan to travel alone.

Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt