Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
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Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt


Many non surgical beauty therapies can be arranged and although in themselves don't warrant the expense of travel if you are going to Egypt for a holiday anyway you could take advantage of these offers. Such as botox injections, chemical peeling and lip augmentation. Or why not take advantage of a great family holiday and treat yourself to some beauty therapies.

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Not only are the prices good but your visit will be facilitated personally by a clinic representative.

These facilities include:
  1. Fillers, Juvederm, Restylane and Fat Transfer
  2. Botulinum Toxin Injections
  3. Laser skin rejuvenation
  4. Laser hair removal
  5. LPG cellulite reduction
  6. Microdermabration
  7. Mesotherapy


Juvederm and Restylane are long-lasting gel that, once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, lifts and adds volume to the areas being treated. Similar to one of the body's own natural substances (hyaluronic acid), it is a completely safe treatment.

The hyaluronic acid in these fillers simply supplements the body's age-depleted hyaluronic acid to plump-up the lip or to raise the skin and 'fill in' the particular wrinkle being treated and has three major benefits.

  • It is obtained by biosynthesis
  • It is of non-animal origin and the molecules are highly biocompatible.
  • It does not require any prior testing.
In a totally natural, but not definitive way, these products will restore the sensuality of your lips and smooth curves to your face. Through a simple injection, without a prior test, minor imperfections and signs of ageing are softened very evenly.

These fillers are an excellent treatment option for:

  • Deep folds
  • Lip enhancement
  • Facial lines
  • Wrinkle correction
  • Volume augmentation of the lips
  • Shaping facial contours (such as cheeks and chin correcting)
  • Smile lines (correcting thin, superficial lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead)
Fillers are used to fill nasal furrows and oral commissures and smooth medium and superficial wrinkles They are also an excellent volume creator which, when injected into your cheeks, gives you back your good looks.

The effects of these fillers usually last six to nine months, but sometimes more or sometimes less depending on skin type, the area treated, the volume injected, and the technique used for the procedure.


This is the same type of treatment but instead of using synthetic fillers your own fat is used. A donor area usually the abdomen is used to harvest the fat and it is injected in the same way as outlined above for the fillers and has the same effect.

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Botulinum toxin is commercially available as Botox® or Dysport®. However, these injections are commonly referred to as 'Botox injections' whichever product is actually used.


Wrinkles are part of the ageing process. They can be attributed to sun damage, effects of gravity and muscle contraction resulting from facial expressions such as frowning and laughing. Wrinkles due to the effects of gravity represent natural sagging of tissue with age and are generally only improved by surgical tightening procedures. Wrinkles caused by muscle contraction such as frown lines, forehead lines and crows' feet, can be improved by Botulinum Toxin treatment. The various wrinkles caused by facial muscle contraction are illustrated on diagram 1. Botulinum Toxin can also be used to treat excessive sweating of the armpits and palms of the hands.

What is Botolinum toxin?

Botox® and Dysport® the trade names for Botulinum toxin, is produced by bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Several types of toxins have been identified, but type A, which is used commercially, is the most potent. It acts by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical that is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses that cause muscle contraction. This results in muscle paralysis. The resultant paralysis, however, is temporary, as the new growth of nerves will re-innervate the muscles. Botulinum Toxin was first used in 1978 to weaken over active muscles in the eye, followed by other neurological conditions such as dystonia and hemifacial spasm with good effects and little side effects. Botulinum Toxin was first used cosmetically in 1990, to reduce facial wrinkles arising from muscle contraction.

What can you expect at the time of your procedure?

Botulinum Toxin is injected directly into the muscles that cause the wrinkles, using a very small needle. Several injections are usually needed at specific sites, depending on the area treated. When used to treat excessive sweating in the armpits, Botulinum Toxin is injected directed into the axillary skin. Localised discomfort and bruises can occur, but no sedation or local anaethesia is generally required. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

What are the results?

Botulinum Toxin usually takes effect 24-72 hours after injection, with maximum effect at about 1 to 2 weeks. Its effects generally last for approximately 3-4 months. When injected into the muscles that are responsible for expression wrinkles, it gives the face a more relaxed and smoother appearance. Sometimes longer lasting effects (9-12 months) are seen after treatment of excessive sweating. When a gradual fading of treatment effect is noticed you may return to have another treatment.

What are the limitations?

Whilst Botulinum Toxin can be very effective in reducing wrinkles due to muscle contractions, it has no effect in reducing the fine lines on the face caused by sun damage, and lines due to sagging of facial skin. In those patients with very heavy lines, repeated treatments may be needed for maximum effect. Too frequent or excessive dosing of Botulinum Toxin may lead to patient's resistance to treatment due to antibody formation and Botulinum Toxin treatment may exaggerate any facial asymmetry.

What are the contraindications for treatment?

The use of Botulinum Toxin is contraindicated in people with neuromuscular disorders such as myasthenia gravis, those who are taking certain muscle relaxants and antibodies such as aminoglycosides, pregnant or breast feeding women, those with infection or inflammation at the proposed site of injections and bleeding disorders.

What are the risks?

No severe complications after cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin have been reported in the literature. Very rarely excessive weakening of the target muscles and paresis of adjacent muscles can occur, resulting in facial weakness. This is self-limiting. When injecting above the eyebrows, upper eyelid ptosis or slight drooping may occur but only 1:100. This can be corrected with eyedrops but will also improve as the effects of the Botulinum Toxin wears off.

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As most of us age, we begin to see visible signs of sun damage, time, and lifestyle choices appearing in our complexion. This aged look may include wrinkles, freckles, broken capillaries, blotchy skin color, redness of the face and neck, enlarged pore size and uneven pigmentation. With the use of Laser non-ablative collagen remodeling and rejuvenation (Nd: YAG) technology, dramatic improvements in the quality, tone, and wrinkle softening can now be accomplished with little or no "downtime" and with very minimal discomfort providing you a more youthful appearance. The NileCosmoderm offers you the ability of improving your skin complexion without interruption in the normal daily activities.

The major advantages of Laser non-ablative collagen remodeling and rejuvenation procedure over other collagen remodeling procedures are:
  • minimally invasive,
  • minimal risk,
  • minimal pain,
  • minimal healing time yet maximal benefit,
  • No exfoliation of the epidermis to effect the desired changes.
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Today, laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser treatments in the world. Laser hair removal is the safer and faster way to hair free skin.

The significant technological advantages of the lasers and cooling system used over other systems are:

  • All lasers are FDA approved for permanent reduction of hair,
  • Wide range of pulse durations which allows for removal of coarse as well as fine hair in different skin types while sparing the skin surface,
  • Longer wavelength of laser which allows for deeper penetration, permitting the laser to preferentially by-pass the overlying skin and targets the hair follicles below,
  • Only the Nd: YAG laser (1064nm) can be safely and aggressively used on sun tanned skin because this longer wavelength travels past the skin surface and leaves the epidermis free of the excessive heat and targets the deeper hair follicle,
  • Effective direct cooling applying a continuous flow of chilled air to the skin before, during and after laser treatment which efficiently cool and protect the skin surface and maximize patient comfort.
  • Quicker treatment, important for great coverage of larger areas such as the back or entire leg,
  • The treatment is fast, affordable. Treatment areas include the face, lip, bikini line, legs, back; buttocks, feet, shoulders, abdomen and any other area with dark hair may be treated. Multiple and large areas can be treated at one time with minimal risk.
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What is Endermologie?

LPG Endermologie® is the newest noninvasive treatment for cellulite. Originally from Europe and now approved by the FDA, this exciting, safe, no-pain treatment can give you dramatic improvement in your hips, thighs, and buttocks. It even works for love handles and sagging abdomens–wherever you have the dimples and cottage cheese of cellulite. Since cellulite is resistant to diet, exercise, and even liposuction, this non-surgical, painless, effective process is truly the best treatment for reshaping and contouring the most difficult areas of your body.

What are the benefits of LPG Endermologie?

  • Dramatically reduces cellulite
  • Reduces body measurements by firming underlying tissues
  • Increases production of skin collagen and elastin (skin toning)
  • Shrinks enlarged cellulite fat cells
  • Increases blood and lymph flow in upper and lower layers of skin, which:
  • Drains excess water, fats, and toxins
  • Sends nutrients to deep skin layers for lasting good health
  • Makes outer skin GLOW with vitality
  • Exfoliates for softer skin
  • Reduces muscle tension
How does Endermologie work?

The patented LPG Endermologie® unit draws up a skin fold and rolls it, painlessly and deeply manipulating the underlying tissues to break up pockets of cellulite (see What is Cellulite?) and stimulate circulation through all the skin layers. The increased blood and lymph flows bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to all the layers of the skin and even to the tissues below the skin. This improved circulation then flushes away the excess water, fats and cell wastes freed up by the massage. With this new Endermologie unit the technician can apply over 20 different beneficial procedures. The result is smooth, glowing skin, smaller measurements around, and drastically reduced cellulite!

When Endermologie was originally invented by Louis Paul Guitay of France to standardize massage treatments for softening extensive scars, patients were surprised to see visible improvements in their cellulite as well. For more information on the LPG Technique and the patented LPG Endermologie® unit, go to

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a clumping together of enlarged fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer just under the skin. These clumps of fat cells stretch the cell connecting fibers and impair circulation to and from active and inactive cells. This causes fluid retention, toxin storage, more stretched connective tissue, and bigger cells! It’s a vicious cycle that affects most women and is directly related to the hormonal changes every woman goes through in life. Other factors are weight gain, heredity, and age. Men can also be affected and respond very well to Endermologie®.

Does the LPG Endermologie treatment hurt?

The treatment is completely adjustable to your comfort. You will have a very deep, relaxing massage for 35 minutes. Just don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after to help rid your body of all the toxins released by this incredible process.

Is Endermologie safe?

Completely. This is the same equipment and technique used for more than ten years in Europe to treat accident victims with serious scarring. The LPG Endermologie unit gently draws up a skin fold while the technician applies a complex procedure that reduce the puckers associated with scarring – and the cottage cheese of cellulite! The Endermologie unit is very adjustable. You can start off with a low setting, then increase it in subsequent visits as you become accustomed to the depth and strength of the tissue manipulation.

What parts of the body does Endermologie work on?

Endermologie works on the whole body by increasing circulation to all the layers of the skin and to the connective tissue (and fat) beneath the skin. The effects are especially noticeable in any area where the underlying subcutaneous layer has more fat than you want. This could be hips, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, abdomens, sides (love handles), backs, and underarms. The patented LPG Endermologie process reduces cellulite and non-cellulite fat on both women and men. Endermologie® is especially effective for men.

How long until I see results?

Sometimes the results of LPG Endermologie show up with the first few treatments, especially when exercise and diet are included. Usually, changes can be seen after six to eight sessions. Some people will see improvements sooner, some will take a little longer.

How long does each Endermologie treatment take?

Each treatment takes 35 minutes, and you can schedule them twice a week for several weeks. Other schedules can be arranged. Because there is no discomfort, you may go back to work, or resume your normal schedule immediately after each treatment. Remember to drink extra water to flush the toxins released by the treatment.

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To reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, oily skin and blackheads

The treatment:

There are a number of different microdermabrasion systems currently available, which vary in intensity. A doctor or nurse can use stronger machines, while others can be used by beauty therapists.

The practitioner will use a hand piece to direct a fine jet of minute crystals across the surface of the skin. This loosens dead skin, and the crystals and dead skin are immediately vacuumed away. The flow of crystals and the vacuum pressure is customised according to skin type and desired result. Microdermabrasion takes less than 30 minutes, and a course of between 4 – 6 treatments is recommended.

Many laser and intense pulsed light practitioners suggest microdermabrasion before light based treatments, to improve the penetration of the light through the skin.

The results:

Microdermabrasion realigns the skin cells in the top layer of the skin and stimulates collagen growth. This thickens the skin, which in turn improves resistance to ageing and can also help to improve scarring

The risks:

Mild redness may occur for between 30 minutes and half a day, depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment

Before you start:

A course of homecare products may improve the results. You must wear a sunblock after this treatment

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To make an area of skin look younger or to reduce levels of fat and cellulite.

The treatment:

A doctor or nurse injects a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and other medications into a selected area, just beneath the surface of the skin. Each treatment takes up to twenty minutes. If you find it uncomfortable, a local anaesthetic cream can be applied before the injections.

The results:

Mesotherapy aims to replace the minerals, vitamins and amino acids that you have less of as skin or flesh ages. Injections mean that greater concentrations of substances reach the selected area faster than oral methods. It also aims to help to maintain firmness and texture, reducing lines and wrinkles. The results are not permanent, and many patients have injections every three months.

The risks:

Risks include allergic reactions to the injected mixture and/or any local anaesthetic. Bruising may also occur.

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Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt